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InfoTrac Selections of the Month

InfoTrac is such a huge database of journal and magazine articles that we decided to help track these articles out for you. Every week, we'll list out the latest articles appearing in the InfoTrac database. If we've missed any, please let us know.

New Articles in the InfoTrac Database Corrections

Goodbye to P4W: After 66 years, the country's notorious Prison for Women finally closes its doors forever. RAE CORELLI. Maclean's July 10, 2000 p21

The Lessons of Cain: Warden Burl Cain has his own system for managing inmates who will never go home. (The Pulse of America/Reform/Angola, La.)(Brief Article) Joel Stein. Time July 10, 2000 v156 i2 p84+

The Chief and His Ward: Too often, when the mentally ill have no place to go, they go to jail. (The Pulse of America/Reform/Natchez, Miss.) Timothy Roche. Time July 10, 2000 v156 i2 p82+


Court upholds spanking law. (Ontario Supreme Court)(Brief Article) Maclean's July 17, 2000 p23

Abortion: Ruling Without Mercy. (Brief Article) National Review July 17, 2000 v52 i13 pNA

Gays and the boy scouts. (U.S. Supreme Court overrules New Jersey Court decision that the Scouts wrongfully dismissed James Dale)(Brief Article) Maclean's July 10, 2000 p37

The Supreme Question: Abortion, gays, prayer, parochial schools, criminal rights--in one close call after another, the high court's dramatic rulings altered the landscape. Inside a divided court, and how the next president will shape it. (National Affairs)(Brief Article) Newsweek July 10, 2000 p18

A Turning Point for the Court. (Choice of next Supreme Court Justice considered.)(Brief Article) Newsweek July 10, 2000 p22

Electing the Supreme Court: Think this is about choosing a President? Think again. (Nation)(Brief Article) Eric Pooley. Time July 10, 2000 v156 i2 p38

Praise the Lord and Pass the Football: What the Supreme Court doesn't know about playing to win in Texas. (Brief Article) Ben Marcus. Time July 10, 2000 v156 i2 p120

Supreme Court Ruling Continues Private School Computer Access. Education Technology News July 5, 2000 v17 i14 pNA


Fighting crime with DNA. (RCMP unveils national DNA data bank)(Brief Article) Maclean's July 17, 2000 p23

Be A Cop. Write Your Own Ticket: With officers in short supply, recruiters hit the highway. (Law)(Brief Article) Time July 17, 2000 v156 i3 p48

King of the Drugbusters" >: Andrew Chambers was the DEA's secret weapon against hundreds of big-time dealers and buyers until his own brushes with the law got in the way" >. (CRIME" >)(Nation) Andrew Murr. Newsweek July 3, 2000 p28

A case study in policing for profit. David E. Kaplan. U.S. News & World Report July 10, 2000 v129 i2 p22

Cyber Crime

HONG KONG. (the need to guard against computer crimes)(Brief Article) World Press Review July 2000 v47 i7 p4

MANILA. ('Love Bug' virus)(Brief Article) Adrian E. Cristobal. World Press Review July 2000 v47 i7 p4

Death Penalty

Race, Death and the Feds" : A war over the first federal execution since JFK's time. (Capital Punishment)(Nation)(Brief Article) Michael Isikoff. Newsweek July 3, 2000 p30

A Reckoning On Death Row: You don't have to be soft on crime to see we're killing people without being sure they're guilty. (Between the Lines)(Nation)(Brief Article) Jonathan Alter. Newsweek July 3, 2000 p31

Juvenile Justice

Where The Market Fails. (Louisiana's juvenile correction system)(Brief Article) Nadya Labi. Time July 10, 2000 v156 i2 p84